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Company specialized in the market of games!

We are a holding company working in the games and videogames market, importing and selling 4 of the greatest brands in physical stores and online, both wholesale and retail. Our main office is located in Ribeirão Preto (SP), but we serve clients all over Brazil. 

We also partner with the main Marketplaces in the country (Mercado Livre, Americanas, Extra, Ponto Frio, Walmart, Submarino, etc.), always offering a wide range of products, exclusive games, and all new releases in no time. 

We always try to offer clients the most competitive prices in the market, but our biggest differential is our customer service, from the moment the order is placed until the post-sales, ethically working and committing to the services we provide, quality and warranty for each product sold. 

With the essential help from our highly-trained staff, the purpose of the entire MGSP Group is to work seriously when the matter involves fun, acting fast for selling and being clear on business. 


Distribuidora de Games

A reseller that imports and sells the most diverse games, offering shop owners a wide range of products with a fair price and quality service.



An online game store for all platforms, specialized in Nintendo and counting on one of the largest collections in Brazil that includes exclusive games and pre-sales.


Big Boy Games

A well-known videogame store that has been located in the city of Salto for more than 20 years. The store has had an e-commerce website since 2008 and it is a reference in the market, always showing affordable and competitive prices.


Outlet Games

A complete platform for buying and selling used games, accessories, and consoles, where you can be sure of doing good businesses with quality and reliability.




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